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Drawing from almost a decade of experience and training, my approach is trauma-informed and rooted in liberation psychology and public mental health.  I firmly believe that deconstructing narratives that keep us stagnant is key to LIVING AUTHENTICALLY.  My hope is that our work together leads you to be more honest with yourself, so others can also show up for you. You and your mental health are too valuable, let's get to work!
My private pay rate is $250 for individual therapy sessions. Payment is due at the time of service. There are limited opportunities for discounted rates for individuals in need of services.
I am In-Network with: Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Blue Shield of California, UnitedHealthcare, & Kaiser NorCal. 
**All therapy services are offered VIRTUALLY ONLY**
Of note, I am currently located in Los Angeles, CA and seeing clients residing in the state of Iowa and California.
Iowa License Number: 117858
California License Number: PSY34224


Being in community is critical for our wellness. That is why group therapy can be a powerful and transformational experience. It's an opportunity for members to bear witness to your story and for you to gain relief and insights from others sharing similar struggles. Groups are also highly beneficial because they help cultivate social connection and foster resistance against identity-based oppressions. 

I will be facilitating an 12-week racial trauma group called "Systems Do Not Define Us: Healing and Resisting Racial Trauma." Group will either be Monday evenings or Saturday mornings. Details TBD.


Please know that I do not accept insurance. The group session rate is $45 per session. There is a $10 discount for clients who pay for all sessions upfront. Limited opportunities are available for discounted rates.

**All therapy services are offered VIRTUALLY ONLY**


Dr. Carrero Pinedo offers trainings and workshops on advocacy, mental health awareness, anti-racism, trauma-focused and culturally informed clinical practice, public mental health, among other topics that push the needle towards meaningful and sustainable change.  She has worked with agencies, churches, consulates, and organizations across industries and covered topics like: 

  • Rethinking Activism: From Ally to Accomplice

  • Adding Social Media to Your Advocacy Toolkit

  • Social Determinants of Mental Health in Communities of Color

  • Culturally Informed and Systems Inclusive Mental Health for Veterans of Color

  • Crimmigration and Everyday Advocacy: Sociopolitical, Contextual, and Trauma-Informed Considerations when Serving Un(documented) Latinx Immigrant Children and Youth

  • Liberation Psychology in Government Settings

Looking for a customized training? Let's work together to make this possible!



Dr. Carrero Pinedo is available for keynotes, panel discussions,  roundtable discussions, and virtual events or lectures. She covers topics on:


  • From being an English Language Learner to Earning a PhD in the U.S.

  • Destigmatizing Mental Health

  • Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health

  • Academia as a Woman of Color

  • Trauma-Informed Diabetes Care for Latinx Adults in the U.S.

  • Centering Trainees of Color in Education and Training

*Topics available upon request


Inclusion is at the core of positive and authentic relationships. It is also what enables organizations to thrive. Whether it is developing an EDI strategy to maximize impact or to support the wellness of all members of an organization, Dr. Carrero Pinedo offers a consultee-centered approach informed by social justice, liberation psychology, and intersectionality. 

Image by Amilcar Alvarez Garcia
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