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Are you ready to RECLAIM 
your story?

Let me help you:

  • Unlearn patterns that keep you stuck

  • Address the stress and pain manifesting in your body

  • Rediscover who you are outside your wounds


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Featured in

Quechua Indigenous Women
Image by Akram
Hanging Decorations


verb in Quechua | a-lee-YA-nah

(to) heal, cure, recover

Quechua or Runasimi ("people's language") is the most widely spoken Indigenous language in the Americas, particularly in the Peruvian Andes.


I would like to thank Dr. Carrero Pinedo for bringing up the invisibility of AMENA Americans. She helped me to feel seen today.

Dr. Carrero Pinedo is a compassionate and effective presenter. I thought the cases were a FABULOUS way to learn.

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